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  • Scope of the "Where is" Forum:

    The purpose of this forum is to tell you where to go ask questions. Answering the questions directly (such as "How to use Windows Server for a specific task") is out of scope for this forum.

    We can (but do not claim to) answer questions directly. If we do, then it's just a bonus, and it's not the purpose or in the scope of what this forum provides.

    We understand that this scope and purpose can be a little confusing, because your question might have been moved to this forum in an attempt by another moderator of a different forum to help you find the correct forum. So you might not know the scope or purpose of this forum when we merely give you a link to another forum. If that's the case, we'll send you to read this thread when we need to explain how this forum works. We apologize for any confusion, but we think it's still a good system of how other Moderators in other Forums can help you find where to go.

    This forum exists as a "concierge". If you walk into a fisherman's club talking about bowling, then they send you to a concierge (info desk). The fishermen don't know where a bowling alley is, how to get there, or which one you should go to, because they know nothing about bowling. But the concierge will sit down with you, show you all the bowling alleys, give you directions, and give you options about which bowling alley to go to and why. Likewise, if you go to a TechNet Wiki forum and talk about Windows, then you might be sent here for the "concierge" to give you some options of where to ask your question.

    Marking Answers:

    We propose a reply (such as a link about where to go ask your question) to a recent question as an answer, and then we will wait one week (~7 days) before we mark it as the answer. We prefer if you (the Asker/OP) mark the answer, but we do not require it.

    If you (the Asker/OP) refuse to let us propose and mark an answer (without telling us why and helping us figure out the best place for you to ask your question), then we might need to lock a thread or move it to the Off Topic forum.

    Moving Threads:

    We typically do not move any threads to the best forum, since the purpose and scope is to merely suggest where you should (or could) ask your question (and we might not know for sure).

    However, we can move a thread to a specific forum if the Asker/OP requests it AND provides the URL of the specific forum. (We do not move threads if someone other than the Asker/OP requests it.) Or it's even better if you (the Asker/OP) can provide the branding (such as MSDN, TechNet, Microsoft, Expression, etc.), the forum Category (such as Windows Server or SQL Server), and the forum name to where you want us to move your question. If someone gave you the URL of a specific forum, then you can merely request a move to that specified forum (but not if they only sent you a forum category; you'll still need to pick a specific forum from that category).

    NOTE: We cannot move a thread to another Microsoft forum that's not in the same system as this one (such as,,, and So we can only provide links to those forums.

    Ed Price (a.k.a User Ed), SQL Server Experience Program Manager (Blog, Twitter, Wiki)

    Sunday, June 10, 2012 8:58 PM